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The new StringKing Composite Pro is one of the best carbon lacrosse shafts for 2019. After dominating the stringing game for years, StringKing has jumped into the carbon composite shaft game. Stringking definitely knocked this out of the park. The new Composite Pro shafts are ultra stiff, which allows for one of the most consistent carbon shafts on the market! Besides being super consistent the added stiffness allows for increased impact resistance.


One of our favorite things about StringKing shafts is the amount of screw holes that come pre-drilled in their shafts. Most other shafts come with 1 maybe 2 drill holes. The Composite Pro comes with 5! There are a ton of different options for these shafts, but we’re going to help make it easier to understand. Scroll down to the product details for information regarding the different shaft weights, and head recommendations for each shaft to build an awesome combo stick!

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Attack 135g- This shaft is an 30’ inch shaft designed for the younger player aged 13 and under. This is StringKing’s lightest option, and is one of the lightest options on the market.  This shaft pairs best with the StringKing Mark 2V


Attack 155g- The 155g option is recommended for the advancing player. A perfect combination of strength and weight, the 155g option is great for anyone aged 14-17. If you an attackman, make sure you get the StringKing Mark 2A. If you are a middie go with the StringKing Mark 2V


Attack 175g- For the elite player aged 18 and up. Coming in at 175g this shaft is the strongest option available from StringKing. This is designed to withstand the demands of the highest level of play. If you are an elite ofensive player who loves to let it fly, this is the shaft for you. Middies should pair this with the Mark 2V, while attackmen should use the Mark 2A.


Defense 360g- The 360g defensive shaft is a 60’ option that is super stiff and give any player one of the strongest carbon shafts available. Built for players 15 and under, this is the right choice for any advancing defenseman. The StringKing Mark 2D is the perfect head for any defenseman


Defense 400g- If you are an elite defender in high school or college this shaft is the right choice for you. If you are looking for a stiff shaft that attackmen will feel after every check, this is the best bet. If you are a defenseman who takes pride in being able to push the ball upfield in transition, the Mark 2T is the head for you. If you're a traditional lock down defensemen who loves to play hard nosed edfense, go with the StringKing Mark 2D


Goalie 142g- The 142g goalie shaft is recommended for advancing players ages 15 and under. The shaft is lightweight, giving goalies the extra quickness needed when making a save.

Faceoff 155g - Composite Pro Faceoff takes the strength and consistency of StringKing's high quality Composite Pro shafts and adds an ergonomically tapered faceoof grip to help you dominate at the X.