Stringking Mark 1 M Pocket with Type 2s Mesh Lacrosse Heads

Free with 1040 LAX POINTS

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The Stringking Mark 1 lacrosse head got huge attention this spring from elite level high school and advanced youth players for its no frills design and superior string hole setup. Stringking represents the pinnacle of mesh technology and they custom engineered these string holds and head shape to bag out some of the best pockets in the game.


What was amazing to our PROS was the ability for this head to transcend the player ability spectrum from high to low….  beginner to collegiate level, this is one of the most versatile releases we have ever seen.  The price point is simply silly for all the technology that is packed into this head.  We anticipate this being the hottest new advanced youth head on the market in very short order.  Stringking also sells an un strung option that is game ready with your choice of pro stringing right out of the box !

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Your pocket has a larger impact on performance than any other piece of equipment. Ultimately, the head is just a frame for supporting your pocket. We created the perfect mid pocket to give players an advantage in every stage of their game. Co-Engineered for Consistency. For the first time, the head and the mesh have been designed together, resulting in the most consistent pre-strung pocket ever. Versatility. The M Pocket is perfect for players of all levels and positions. The adjustable bottom string makes it easy to tailor the pocket to your personal style. Good to Go. With no break-in needed, the M Pocket is ready to go right off the shelf and will perform in all
weather conditions.

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES