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The new Stringking Mark 2F head is the latest in a series of elite level face off heads specifically designed for two main advantages - increased ball control area on the clamp and a kinder scoop angle for handling ground balls. The first thing you will notice on the Stringking 2F is the elongated throat. Stringking pulled the narrow channel of the throat shape up as high as possible to create the maximum channel and pocket surface area for controlling the ball. As all good FOGOs are aware, its not just the battle for the quick clamp, its the battle for real estate along the line that counts too. As players push up into the scoop of an opponents scoop with their glove, the head of the stick slides a bit down the line. 


The extra length in the throat adds a big advantage as the ball gets caught up in that long channel rather than up towards the opponents scoop.  In the old days, FOGOs use to bake their heads and then reform them to match these longer throat designs.  Stringking has now taken that concept and worked it in with a massive number of string holes, that offer guys who know how to string even greater advantage depending on where and how they secure the knots.


The scoop has a steeper angle which also channels the ball into the sweet spot quicker.  String this up with the new Stringking 4F mesh that is made with their best selling Tri-Twist patterns.  Which gives better grip on the ball and weighs only 14 grams.


This head is strung up by the guys over at StringKing, and they always do a great job!

PLEASE NOTE: This lacrosse head comes with new 3 square locking bolt technology.  You will need 1/8" and 3/16" drill bits to install the locking bolts.  See below for instructions and a how to video.

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Stringking Mark 2F Lacrosse head for Face Offs.

New hybrid plastic that flexes to grab the ball yet retains original shape after facing off  

Higher flex point and straightened sidewalls for more control 

Ultra-light weight at 124 grams for faster hands 

Shortened throat for maximum leverage 

Three locking bolts for a more secure fit on the shaft and better durability

Angled scoop makes it a ground ball vacuum

Locking Bolt instructions

3 square Locking Bolts
Power drill 

How to video --

1) Put your StringKing head all the way onto the shaft, lining up the hole on the FRONT of the head with the pre-drilled hole on the BACK of the shaft.

2) Using the 1/8” drill bit, drill into the shaft through the screw hole on the back of the head.Make sure to keep the drill straight so you don’t damage the head.

3) Remove the head from the shaft, and use the 3/16” drill bit to widen the hole you just drilled.

4) Put the head back onto the shaft, lining up the hole on the front of the head with the new hole you just drilled in the front of your shaft.

5) Insert the locking bolt “tube” through the front of the head and the locking bolt “screw” through the back.

6) Screw tight to lock your head in place.

7) Repeat steps 1-6 for additional holes.

Recommended Position: Faceoff
Weight (oz): 4.3
Pinch at 3" margin: 3
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate
Scoop Shape: Round