Mark 2V Mid Lacrosse Heads

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The all new Stringking Mark 2V head is the second generation offensive release from the pioneers in next level pocket technology from the West Coast. Stringking engineered the Mark 2V with 29 strategically placed stringing holes that allow advanced stringers to really dial these heads up for the optimal combination of feel and release for specific players.  To learn more about the StringKing Mark 2V, Click here. 


We really like the aggressively angled scoop as well.  This makes the ground balls funnel quicker and deeper into the mid pocket.  Stringking also added an optional bolt system with these heads.  While a little tricky to install, it wil totally eliminate ball rattle.  ( Basically the holes on each side of the shafts where you fasten it need to be a different size... )


This Mark 2V will come game ready and broken in right out of the box.  Available in 3X ( harder mesh )  and 3S ( softer mesh ) these pockets are totally dialed up for on the run shooting and superior control between the lines.  

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Mark 2v

Mark 2V Mid Lacrosse Heads


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StringKing Mark 2V M pocket. Strung by StringKing. This head combines a Versitile head with a great mid pocket that compliments the head shape. The Stringking 2V M is built with versatility, has a mid pocket that gives you maximum accuracy and power. And the pinched face shape means better ball retention under pressure. Engineers made sure this had doesn't rattle, comes with a lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2V that goes through the front and back of the Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to stop head. 

 Recommended Position: Attack/ Midfield

Weight (oz): 4.5
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate
Scoop Shape: Round

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES