StringKing Metal 2 Defense Lacrosse Shafts

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Regular Price: $149.99

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The new Stringking Metal 2 defense shafts come in 3 weights specifically designed for age and ability based on strength. The High school and collegiate guys are going to want to go with the 350 and 380 gram shafts and it really all depends on the amount of abuse you are dishing out on a daily basis. The speedy LSM guys here immediately went to the 350 weight as the open field and face off pole that can take some pounding, but also lets you run with those ally dodging middies. Bigger close D guys liked the 380 gram defense shaft, which still feels ultra light, but will lay a nice pounding on those attackman trying to get in close.


For the advanced youth crowd, we were really impressed with the lightest 320 gram. Especially for the younger guys.. even up to 14 years old.. we think this is the best option. We flexed a few and they will stand up to the JV crowd for sure. Younger guys definitely want to be playingwith the lightest stuff possible.  Heavy takes away the edge for sure.  We love this as a first step up D pole as well as a go to for the middle school and JV kids.

To learn more read our STRINGKING METAL 2 blog post. 


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Stringking Metal 2 lacrosseShafts

StringKing Metal 2 Defense Lacrosse Shafts


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The all new Metal 2 defense shafts are lighter, stronger, and better than the best selling Metal shafts which turned the lacrosse industry upside down last season.  Advanced manufacturing and new materials create a lighter shaft with more strength per gram.   Metal 2 Attack shafts are available in five weights to offer a perfect option for every playing style, so you can select the combination of speed and strength needed to optimize your game.  Please see the chart below to see what is best for your age ability and position.


Double taper technology.

Our advanced manufacturing process moves material from low-stress to high-impact areas of the shaft. This is critical for the correct balance of a defensive shaft !!


Next-generation alloy.

Lighter and stronger alloy than what’s used in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.


6-month warranty.

We extended our quick and easy warranty to 6 months because we believe in the durability of our Metal 2 shafts.


Defense Weights:

  • 320 grams, 11.2 OZ Most recommended for ages 12 and under

  • 350 grams, 12.3 OZ Most recommended for ages 13-17

  • 380 grams, 13.4 OZ Most recommended for ages 18+