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The new Stringking Metal 2 goalie shaft comes in two weights that are great choices for advancing youth, high school and collegiate players.  For the older crowd, who is putting some serious stress on these shafts, we recommend the 162 gram shaft.  We popped one on a Nemesis 2 and an Eclipse and they felt light as a feather.  If you are gonna be slamming guys in the grease and running upfield and getting in the mix, you may want to order a spare.  These Metal 2 goalie shafts are going to give you a huge advantage with hand speed.. but they are lightweigt at the core and if you meet a 200 lbs. attackman with the intent to cross check him back o his own bench.. you might be reaching for your backup...


For the younger guys, 16 and down, we recommend the 142 gram shaft.  Players ages 9-14..,. unless you are super tall and used to a goalie shaft.. you should be playing with an attack length shaft !!! Get the Metal 2 Attack Shaft in the lightest gram config you are comfortable with !!  ( The 125 and 135 gram are best ) It's all about hand speed and clearing at that age.


These Stringking Metal 2 goalie shafts are the best new goalie shafts on the market this year.. and Stringking prices them so we all can afford them !!


To learn more read our STRINGKING METAL 2 blog post. 

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StringKing Metal 2 Goalie Length Lacrosse shaft. This shaft is available in 2 different weights and 3 different colors to match your game. Different goalies play with different styles. Some guys want the lightest shaft possible to get the quickest hands they can get. But a goalie who takes the ball upfield might need something heavier and stronger to withstand all those slashes. Two Metal 2 Goalie weight options mean you can choose the one that works best for your game.