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The lightest women's lacrosse shaft that can stand up to high school and collegiate level play is here in the form of the new Stringking Metal 2 women's lacrosse shaft. Even for beginners, all the coaches recommend training with the lightest shafts possible. For the upper level ladies, this shaft feels feather weight yet solid in your hands. The diameter falls in the middle of the fatter composite shafts and the other skinny metals that are on the market. If you want lightweight performance favored by collegiate level offensive players, then look to the new StringKing Metal 2 women's shaft is an affordable, high-end option.

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Why StringKing Composite W?

Play with confidence.
The ultra-lightweight design, thinner profile, and slightly concave shape of the Metal 2 W provide
optimal feel and control to help you handle your stick with confidence.

Be consistent.
The custom finish of the Metal 2 W stays comfortable and grippy in all climates and conditions, and the
stiff construction gives you maximum power and consistency.

Designed smarter.
Metal 2 W shafts are manufactured with a custom high-grade aluminum alloy that features super-strong
metals like Scandium, Titanium, and Zinc to make sure they’re as light, stiff, and strong as possible.

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES