StringKing Women's Complete 2 Pro Offense High Composite Womens Lacrosse Sticks

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The StringKing Women's Complete Pro 2 lacrosse stick was built specifically for the offensive minded player.  The women's Complete Pro 2 is StringKing's highest performing lacrosse stick made for women.  This complete stick comes with an expertly strung lacrosse head that was strung with a high pocket using Type 4 lacrosse mesh.  Since the introduction of mesh for womens lacrosse sticks our Pro's are very impressed with the lightweight feel and release on this complete stick.  StringKing is known in the men's market for bringing some of the most advanced technology to the game, and now they have transfered it over to the women's game with this revolutionary new, mesh women's complete stick.


This complete stick is built with the lightweight Mark 2 lacrosse head which offers an aggressive face shape design and a focused high pocket for better ball control and faster shots.  Paired with the the Composite Pro lacrosse shaft, which features advanced manufacturing to make it ultra-light and perfectly balanced without sacraficing strength.  If your offensive player is ready to begin playing with a mesh pocket this is the perfect complete stick for her. 



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StringKing Women's Complete 2 Pro Offense High Pocket Composite Pro

Comes with: 
Expertly strung high pocket - Strung by StringKing with Type 4 performance mesh 
Built for offense 
Mark 2 offense lacrosse head 
Composite Pro lacrosse shaft
6-month warranty


  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES