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StringKing Type 4 mesh took the men's game by storm with a new technology called Tri-Twist.  This technology weaves the mesh tighter than any previous elite level mesh.  Now that mesh is allowed in women's lacrosse heads, they have transformed this elite level mesh for the wmoen's game.  Type 4 W lacrosse mesh is the new standard for performance mesh in women's lacrosse.  It was designed  to be softer and more responsive.  Type 4W delivers better feel, more control and faster shots.  This kit contains everything you will need to string up a women's lacrosse head with mesh.


Our head stringers love how this mesh performs just like the men's version.  They are able to create a slighlty thinner channel than men's mesh and the softer constructions creates a more responsvie pocket for catching and cradling.  The Tri-Twist technology increases surface texture and elasticity.  This mesh is super lightweight and more aerodynamic so shorts are faster than ever before.   Pair this lacrosse mesh up with any unstrung women's lacrosse head and you will have an elite level offensive weapon.



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Stringking Womens Type 4 Lacrosse Mesh Kit
Mesh Kit Contents:

1 piece of Type 4 Women's lacrosse mesh
4 Sidewall strings
2 Shooting cords