STX 3D Rival-Houston


STX 3D Rival-Houston

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STX 3dRival-Houston

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STX Rival Helmet - Custom Package B Painted Colors


The STX Rival Lacrosse helmet took lacrosse by storm last season and was the #1 choice of some of the best collegiate teams in the nation. The Rival has a slimmed down, more rounded look than previous STX helmets, and is still made by Schutt.. the guys that simply dominate professional and collegiate football helmets. These helmets weigh a bit more than the others and STX claims the protection is superior to anything else on the market.

The Rival helmet boasts an air fitting system that uses a finger pump built into the side of the helmet called Sure-Fit Air. You just press it a few times and the interior padding inflates around your head the release valve on the other side allows you to decompress the padding quickly.

Small/Medium - Head Size 6-7
Large/X-Large - Head Size 7-7 9/16

This helmet is a final sale.