STX Hammer 500 Defense Lacrosse Shafts

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The Hammer 500 shaft is the new bone cruncher for elite defensemen this season. We simply could't believe the amount of these we are seeing on the fall ball circuit already this season for top collegiate sponsored teams. The feel is really the story here, the shaft feels light weight and maneuverable, but also feels like you might get put under arrest for swinging it at an attackman. It is basically a lightweight, top technology offering shaft that brings the pain as well. You want to send a message on that first possession, the give em a taste of the Hammer. Not cheap, we know. But if you can afford it... STX will make sure that attackmen remember playing against you!


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New STX HAMMER 500 .

Constructed with lightweight , high-strength carbon composite for flex without bend.

Optimized flex level for the defensive player.

Traditional octagon profile for better control during checks.

Targeted grip texture designed specifically for defense man reducing the weight that would be present with tape.

30% stronger than the Alliance 225 .

Recommended Position: Defense
Weight (oz): 14.8
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate