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The STX Outlet goalie shaft is rounded in the front where your fingers wrap around towards the ball and tapered towards the back where the palm of you hand sits. This shape helps goalies of all ages get a better grip on the shaft and prevents the dreaded effect of ball twist. This happens when a save is not made directly in the center of the mesh and the head twists with the force of the save.  Pretty much the worst feeling in the world is driving that top hand to the ball, making the save and then watching the ball trickle over the line because the force of the shot twisted your head enough to get by.


STX was also genius enough to shorten the length of this shaft to 34" inches.  The traditional length, which was way longer than youth and high school kids prefered was 40" inches.  We still recommend the lightest 30" attach shafts for youth players, but the Outlet at 34" really helps the HS and collegiate crowd clear better for sure.


The Outlet aslo has slightly sticky feeling grip zones where you place your hands to eliminate tape weight.  Try one out and you will immediately notice the difference that top college players are seeing with this new Outlet Goalie shaft.



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Stx Outlet Goalie Lacrosse Shaft - 2018 has a unique handle profile provides an ergonomic grip and pairs perfectly with the new Eclipse II head.

Ergonomic profile resists handle twist.
New textured grip zones provide stick control without adding weight.
Proven 7075 alloy in 34 inch player-preferred length

Recommended Position: Goalie

Weight (oz): 7.6

Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate