Stx Rival Helmet - Custom Package A

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Stx Rival Helmet - Custom Package A Molded Colors

Choose any color. Choose any finish. The Rival is the most customizable lacrosse helmet in the industry. The all-new Sure-FitTM air system features built-in pump and release to adjust fit on the fly.  With a 70% increase in ventilation over the Stallion model, the integrated ventilation throughout the shell allows air to flow through the helmet, keeping you cool even when the game gets hot. The Rival features Schutt's proprietary TPU Cushioning System, which along with fitted comfort liners, provides protection and comfort.


Head Circumference   Size Recommendation


19"-22"                           Small / Medium 

 22"-23 3/4"                     Large / X-Large

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STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet The newest addition to the STX protection family is the Rival Helmet. This is a huge upgrade from previous helmets from STX including a sleek new design, 70% better ventilation, Sure-Fit air system pump on the back to adjust the fit on the fly, and nice fitted comfort liner. Our PRO's at really like the new design and say it fits and feels much better than older STX Helmets. Be sure to catch your favorite teams wearing these helmets very soon and will be available to the public early June!


The Rival Helmet is available in 5 types of finishes :

  • A) Molded Colors - The plastic is actually colored giving a uniform look and you can also choose Gloss or Matte finish

  • B) Painted Colors - The plastic is painted for a more custom look - Gloss and Matte finish available

  • C) Carbon Fiber Finish - That cool carbon weave design is visible through shell - Gloss and Matte finish available

  • D) Satin - looks a bit metallic but not full shiny chrome - Satin finish definately adds a pop and enhances colors

  • E) Chrome - sleek and bright chrome shiny finish - really pops especially in the sun

STX has a Custom Helmet Builder HERE that will show you how your helmet will look after you order it. also stocks the Rival Helmet in black and white milded colors and can ship the same day if you do not want to wait.