Stx Stallion 200 SP Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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Beginner lacrosse shoulder pads that are a big step above the cheap / discount pads at the local lacrosse or big box store. These STX beginner pads are really designed for beginners and advancing youth players that are willing to pay up about $10 for much better protection and flexibility. Great over the shoulder caps with plastic ribs for reinforcement.  Big, over-sized chest plate with additional sternum pad.


We really love the big extended back coverage as well.  Most manufacturers skimp here, but at this age the sticks are flying all over the place and you wnat to get your kid the most coverage possible.  Big, fat Velcro adjustment straps lock this pad around the ribs and the additional bicep pads float sown off the shoulders for more slash protection.


The thing that really separated this starter shoulder pad is the size of the neck opening.  Most are small and bind the kids when the raise their arms.  We chose this STX model because of the wide opening that give better mobility wit the helmet on and won't choke your kid out when running and catching.


These are awesome and really really worth the extra 10$ than a true starter set pad.



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Stx Stallion 200 Lacrosse Shoulder pads