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The new Stallion 500 arm guard is a slight redesign of the #1 best selling high school and collegiate arm guard of all time... the Stallion HD.   These are low definition pads that give better players the confidence to get to the cage with all the mobility they demand.  This pad was also one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL YOUTH PADS ON THE MARKET FOR THREE YEARS RUNNING for the same reason.  Low profile means minimal bunching and snagging and maximum range of mobility.  We recommend that all younger players wear arm guards when they get to the middle school age and these STX pads simply flew off the shelves.  Learn more from this blog past as to why these pads have been rated by our Pro's as one of the best lacrosse arm pads for 2018


New for 2018 is a slightly slimmed down forearm section, to fit in better with the gloves.  And the second big change was also on the forearm where the Velcro strap wraps all the way around the pad to lock it down rather than being attached to either side of the bad and bending it around the arm.  This 360 fastening system really keeps the pad in place, especially for younger players and is an awesome new addition to this best seller.


STX is renownd for the fit and finish of these pads.  Slip them on and you will immediately notice the quality of the sleeve material and the litle non slip beads on the interior.  In a few minures you will likely not even notice that you are wearing pads, and that's why these are so popular.  The STX Stallion 500 Arm Guards are bringing all the same best selling attributes to the party as their predecessors with a few minor upgrades that make these pads worth the top end price.  Just look on any high end high school or youth field and you will see the Stallions everywhere !! 

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Stx Stallion 500 Lacrosse Arm Guards