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The new STX Stallion 500 glove is coming off the hot success of STX's dominance in the high end collegiate market. The Stallion series has always been designed for those bigger, tougher athletes... usually the guys running the lines at middie, LSM or defense. These gloves are a bit wider across the backhand than the new wave golf glove fitting stuff from other manufacturers. Couple that with an new air-flow system called AIRcooled that runs the entire length of the glove and you've got a new dog in the hunt for top gloves of 2017.


The Stallion 500 glove, like the other pieces and heads in the 500 line, is really all about flexibility, fit and finish. Coming in at $180, these are not the most expensive gloves on the market.. but definitely on the upper side of the spectrum with respect to the expectation of perfection from a leader like STX. Our Pro guys here really liked the mobility of the wrist roll... something that STX decided to focus on after getting feedback from their top collegiate programs. The other big call out was thumb mobility.  Unlike other gloves, you can rotate your thumb 180 degrees in a circular motion which gives much more control and feel on the glove.


If you want to wear what National Champions wear, get these.  The release of these gloves was timed with the start of the collegiate season and they left nothing to chance when designing one of the best big boy gloves on the market today.  We highly recommend these gloves for elite level high school and collegiate programs.   The custom orders have already been flying in. If you want to see about getting 12 or more pairs for your team... give us a call at 855-255-5294.  Or simply order yourself a pair online and see what the real collegiate guys have in their bag !!


You can print out our LACROSSE GLOVE SIZING CHART here to get a good idea what size is best.

 Learn more about the STX Stallion 500 line here


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    • AirCooled™ - a new ventilation system (patent pending) that runs throughout the entire glove
    • HEX Pro™ – ventilated and flexible protection that runs the length of the thumb
    • Power Fit Profile - wider volume in the back of hand and maximum wrist flexibility for the power player
    • Guard Lock™ - Strap to secure mouth guard when not in use
    • IsoThumb™ – 360 degrees of thumb mobility