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You know the saying "practice makes perfect" Well this backyard goal from STX is the perfect way for you to get your skills to where you want them to be. Perfect for any skill set and durable enough to withstand the elements, a must have for any laxer this season. WE DON'T SELL THOSE JUNKY BIG BOX GOALS HERE AT !! If you want to spend your money twice.. then buy a cheap, non branded goal with a net that will melt and look like Swiss cheese in a few months and then come back here and buy one of these !! We choose to sell only the stuff that we know will last in your back yard for a few seasons. These are durable STX quality goals that will hold up under fire.

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The STX backyard goal is an official 6'X 6' goal.

1.5" Steel tubing with rounded edges.

Orange powder-coated finish.

Includes a heavy duty 3.0 MM official style polyester net and all parts and instructions for assembly.