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The STX Surgeon Sc-Ti shaft has been a winning combination at an amazing price point for about 9 years running. Yes, that right, almost a full decade of dominance all fueled by the fact that this is one of the lightest, strongest and most affordable shafts on the market for advancing youth, high school and college players.  Super simple graphics on a silky smooth finish.  Coming in at only about 5 oz. this shaft is pretty much on most every high school and advanced youth field in the nation.


The Sc-Ti combination stands for the combination of scandium and titanium.  The titanium shafts were strong like steel pipes but could only be used by the biggest players.  As shot speed and head stiffness increased, scandium emerged as one of the lightest shaft materials, but guys were snapping them all the time.  STX came up with this winning mix and it has simply dominated the metal shaft market for all this time.


Same great properties as last year, lust a little bit of a graphic makeover...  no big surprises here ... aka you get what you pay for.  No gimmicks. no frills, just light weight performance from collegiate and high school leader STX. 


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Stx Surgeon Sc-Ti Lacrosse Shaft. The Surgeon Sc-TI handle is designed for the elite attacker who needs an ultra-lightweight shaft that can withstand heavy checks. New for 2018 that is has updated Precision Profile now includes targeted Max-Sandblast Zones for amplified control. Pro-level STX Sc-Ti alloy for proven, lightweight performance. Has a Extreme Concave Octagon profile that makes it easy to grap with you're gloves on. 

Recommended Position: Attack/ Midfield 
Weight (oz): 5.5
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate