Tektor Lacrosse Men's Helmet Face Shield


Tektor Lacrosse Men's Helmet Face Shield

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Tektor Lacrosse Field Shield - Fits most lacrosse helmet cages

Product Details

Tektor lacrosse shield is a safe, "disposable" product that attaches to the inside of a lacrosse players face cage and can be installed in seconds. This lacrosse shield fits MOST lacrosse helmet cages.

  • Made of flexible anti-fog playcarbonate - Mechanical, thermal, physical and optical property values, tested to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standards
  • Upper tab covers the nose
  • Concave allows for clean site line
  • Lower tab fits into bottom of cate, providing a more secure fit
  • NFHS approved

For mounting instructions click here.  You will need to page through the brochure until you reach the mounting instructioins for Tektor Lacrosse.  

Mounting Instructions:

1. Mount on inside of cages.  Peel off the protective film covering the anti-fog side of the shield, this side faces the palyers mouth.  Slot the lover tab betwen the lower part ofthe cage and the shell of the helmet.

2.  With the bottom tab of the shield in place, the 2 holes in the top of the shield will fall along the crossbar of the cage.  Loop the included velcro straps through the 2 holes to secure the top of the shiled to the bars of the helmet cage.  The soft side of the velcro should face out.