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The Throne Of String Vice pack is a limited edition specialty mesh from the guys that are know by a select few to produce one of the highest quality mesh pieces in the game. New colorways, this stuff is a slightly more heavy duty 4x or 2.0 Semi Hard with that soft feel and quick release that Throne is known for. Get em while they last, cause once they are gone... they are gone forever !!

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Vice pack celebrates the fun of summer and the memories it makes. 

Inspired by the heyday of Miami’s South Beach, this pack is all about enjoying the warm weather and there is no better way to do that than beach lax.
Pack includes LE Vice FIBER 2 System, can cooler, palm opener keychain and 10” beach ball. Limited to 300 packs. 

FIBER 2 System improves on the gold standard of lacrosse stringing with a new duo fiber construction for more speed, strength and agility backed by the best warranty. Designed and built in USA.

19 Grams FIBER 2 utilizes new ultralight material striking a supreme balance between durability and weight.

15 KN Duo fiber construction AMP CHANNEL flexes for maximum energy transfer without excess whip.

17mm HEX DIAMOND II symmetrical structure hugs the ball for unmatched feel and control.

6 Month Guarantee Element phobic material grants ultimate performance in all climates and conditions.