True Alloy Sc-Ti 6.0 Lacrosse Shafts

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The True 6.0 Sc-ti attack shaft is priced sooo well for this level of offensive technology that we expect the JV and high school crowds to gobble these up come season.  Any time you can get Sc-Ti strength and weight ratios in a shaft under $150.. it's time to take notice.  These True shafts came on strong last year for their simple graphics and no nonsense designs.  The collegiate and high school kids who wanted the technology without the glitz or price tag used these as an elite level go to.  The whole line of True shafts are designed around having the best balance in lacrosse.  True engineered these Sc-Ti shafts to stand up to the punishment of collegiate level play without the big price tak.  If you are looking for the high end - at a fraction of the cost, try True and see the value that other elite level players are bringing to the fields.

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True 2015 Alloy Sc-Ti 6.0 Lacrosse Shaft engineers have identified the 3 essential properties most important in building a high quality handle. Lighter and stronger is what you will get as you move through the TRUE alloy line up from the 2.0. 4.0 to the 6.0. 

Ultimate Strength 99.8 Ksi

Recommended Position: Attack/Mifield
Weight (oz): 5.3
Recommended Skill Level: Youth/High School