TRUE Comp 4.0 Box/HD Black 32" 5 Flex-19 Lacrosse Shafts

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The TRUE Composite SF 4.0 HD Box Lacrosse Shaft is one of this years top of line shafts for box lacrosse. New HD technology allows for heavier walls on the shaft  which gives the much needed durability and weight distribution when playing box lacrosse. The HD comes equipped with a concave shape and grip that provides better control and comfort!


The TRUE Composite SF 4.0 HD Box Lacrosse Shaft combines both SMARTPLY and SMARTFLEX technologies where players will be able to enhance the perfect balance of strength, weight, and flex.. SMARTFLEX technology allows for the shaft to flex when passing or shooting,which provides more torque ain your shot, ultimately adding velocity. If you’re looking to dominate the box game this season, make sure to grab the  TRUE Composite SF 4.0 HD shaft today!


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TRUE Comp 4.0  Box/HD Black 32" 5 Flex-19