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The True Frequency Speed lacrosse head is the first in a line of next generation, stiff and precise attack minded heads to hit the market in 2017. So what sets this head apart from the competition?? Lets take a closer look at the main design features that give this Frequency the right to live here at 


So first of all the bottom rail on True's three new heads are all different.  The idea was to set each pocket up for success based on the positioning of the pocket and the intended use by the player. This attack / speed model is cantered so that the pocket will sit lower and the release point makes it easy to get off quick passes and scoop ground balls. The pocket setup here begs for low-mid and sets up for the one handed cradlers that still like to be able to send rifle shots downrange from the corners or crease.  True also incorporated a triangular strut design to keep the Frequency speed stiff while taking abuse from D poles and in the crease area. True paid particular attention to fit and finish on their first release.  These heads have excellent geometry, nice detailing and a simplistic angular design. They also beefed up the throat design while lightening the scoop in the head. The result is good balance and high performance, position specific setups that we think will do well in the new specialty head class. 







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True Frequency Speed Lacrosse Head has

  • Bottom rail mid transition point

  • Multiple stringing holes of varying sizes, shapes and placement for ultimate pocket customization

  • Triangle shaped side wall rails, with inverted cut outs to reduce weight and increase strength

  • Triangle geometry ensures optimal strength and stiffness while giving a real feel for the ball

  • Fine-tuned sidewall and scoop angles work in unison for perfect pocket placement, hold and ball release for any style of play

 Recommended Position: Midfield
Weight (oz): 5.5
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES