UA Armour Grip Box Attack Lacrosse Shafts

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Regular Price: $119.99

Special Price: $109.99


The best box lacrosse shafts need to be tough enough to take the punishment in the arena but light enough to keep up with the fast pace of box play. UA is one of the favorite brands up in Canada as the bigger box players up there really like the feel and toughness of these shafts. If you are looking for a higher end box shaft that is favored by the big boys north of the border... look no further. These UA shafts also have a nice grip finish which keeps the tape weight down.

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Under Armour 2017 Armour Grip Box Lacrosse Attack Length Shaft is one of the toughest handles on the market. Made out of Scandium Titanium (Sc-Ti) metal it is less lightly to break. (Extreme Scallop Profile) Has an adjustable end cap (AEC), that can be moved to desired locations. Tape flange to secure AEC to handle. Has a checkered design to allows grip on the top & bottom of the handle. 



Recommended Position: Midfielder, Attack

Weight (oz): 6.6

Recommended Skill Level: Youth/High School/ Collegiate

Shaft Finish: Grip


  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES