UA Glory Head w. Rail Pocket Women's Lacrosse Heads

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This Under Armour Glory head with Rail Pocket is one of the most competitive heads from UA. This head is meant to withstand harsh temperatures with the all-weather nylon that is built to the depth of winter to the extreme heat of summer. It has great ball control and feel, especially when in the sweet spot. The Rail Pocket has been the pocket of choice in most collegiate teams because it the softest pocket you can use. 

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UA Glory Head w. Rail Pocket Women's Lacrosse Heads


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Under Armour Glory womens lacrosse head with Rail Pocket. Meets all NCAA/USL Specifications.


-All weather nylon is constructed to stand extreme temps and reduce weight


-Glide+ scoop technology takes you to the ball, regardless of the angle you attack it


-Maximum offset for incredible control and feel, especially in the ball's sweet spot


-Poron XRD ballstop absorbs ball impact to decrease the chances of the ball bouncing out of the head


-Rail Pocket is the soft pocket around, making it the pocket of choice for many collegiate teams


-Premium stretched leathers decrease maintenance to a stark minimum


-Tapered Rail allows the ball to sit comfortably in the sweet spot