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VKTRY Performance Insoles (aka VKs) are the world’s first carbon fiber insoles proven to help athletes run faster and jump higher, while reducing the chance of injuries. VKs are currently being used by athletes at over 65 college and pro teams.



“Dodging defenders and being able to create separation is a big part of my game. VK Insoles help me to apply more force into the ground, making me more explosive. I also feel like I have more bounce and fresher legs late in the game because of VKs.” - Myles Jones, 3X All-American and #1 overall pick of the MLL. See his video testimonial.


VKs were specially designed to increase ground force and energy return to the athlete. 3rd party testing has proven that VK Insoles increase peak explosiveness by +12%, helping athletes improve their vertical by an average of +1.6" and their 40 time by up to 0.12 seconds. The heel-to-toe carbon fiber base also helps protect against injuries (like turf toe and plantar fasciitis) and aids in recovery. The comfortable foam top cover provides additional shock absorption.



VKs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so absolutely no risk to try.  Learn more about this product from our blog post. 

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VKs are made from an ultra-lightweight, aerospace-grade carbon fiber. VKs come in 5 different flexibility levels or “Pro Levels” that are engineered to fit an athlete's weight to optimize performance. The carbon fiber base is covered by a comfortable, memory foam top cover.

Pro 3: recommended "Flex" level for people under 150 lbs
Pro 4: recommended "Flex" level for people 151-180 lbs
Pro 5: recommended "Flex" level for people 181-220 lbs
Pro 6: recommended "Flex" level for people over 221 lbs