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The Warrior Burn Pro Carbon attack shaft is one of the lightest and strongest on the market at only 125 grams. In stress tests and hit tests, the Burn Pro shaft frequently outperforms the other guys that claim to have the strongest on the market. These Burn Pro Carbon shafts are priced in-line with the other top dogs in carbon, but the big story here is lack of shaft wobble. That slight little wobble from side to side is what forces shots off target, even though they have more speed than steel. Warrior addressed this by stiffening the lateral movement of the shaft and giving more flex from front to back. This is one of the few carbon shafts that is completely hollow, allowing you to fit any head onto the shaft!


If you want to try a top of the line carbon shaft, strong enough for the pros but as light as the old Gait Ice stuff... then you gotta check out the Warrior Burn Pro attack shafts.


Looking for the perfect head to pair with this shaft? Look no further than the Burn Warp Pro Head! Get yours HERE!


If you want to get shaft and head already assembled, check out the Warrior Burn Warp Pro Complete Stick! Get yours HERE!


To find out more reasons why our Pro's love the new shaft, check out our blog HERE  with our reviews of the new Burn Warp line!

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Burn Warp Pro Lacrosse Head

Warrior Burn Pro Carbon Attack Shaft Lacrosse Shafts


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Warrior Burn Pro Carbon Attack 2018 Lacrosse Shaft