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The Warrior Burn Warp Pro complete stick comes with an all new Kevlar pocket in Mid-Low and High Whip options designed for high school and collegiate level middies and attack man. The Burn Warp pro comes with a super-light carbon shaft with technology called Minimus. These shafts can withstand some of the heaviest beatings in the game and come in at only 125 grams ( that's one of the lightest shafts on the market !! )


Offered in either white of black heads with a silver or black shaft.  Each complete stick comes with 2 types of butt ends.  Maximum shot leverage with the Warrior End Cap and use the flattened End Plug to take even more weight out of the stick.


As far as Whip preferences, our attack guys immediately gravitated towards Whip 3 since it gives you more hold! Middies who shoot on the run loved the shot power and consistency of the Whip 1.  Bottom line  - if you have never tried Warp before, or if you tried one of the older versions... these new Burn Warp Pro's are really, really amazing. We have two converts already here at Lax.com and guys are really loving the combo of light weight and consistency.  Some of our guys are certain that they shoot faster for a higher percentage of their shots.  It's one thing to stand around in the back yard and plant your feet and rip... it's another to be alley dodging a pole and still be able to get heat on the ball.


Try a Burn Warp Pro for the sheer performance. You will be amazed at the results. More and more players are switching over every day! 


Looking for just the Burn Warp Pro Head? Click HERE  


Looking for just the Warrior Carbon Pro Attack Shaft? Click HERE!


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Warrior Burn Warp Pro Complete Lacrosse Stick with Minimus Carbon Handle