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The Warrior Evo FatBoy Warp Pro lacrosse head was designed specifically for box lacrosse.  The Evo FatBoy Warp Pro comes with a mid-pocket and a low whip option which gives players the quickest release and maximum ball control.  The Warp Pro Pocket was developed using months of on-field studies with top professional athletes to determine ideal pocket placement and whip.  Our Pro's like how the Warrior Evo FatBoy Pro box lacrosse head has a varying diamond pattern with multiple raised shoorters to provide a traditional feel and smooth release.  If you are a middie or attackman that is looking to maximize shot power and accuracy from the outside, this lacrosse head is for you!  The FB head shape is a bit tigher to maximize ball controll and accuracy which offers elite box players a consistent performing stick.  

Pair the Warrior Evo FatBoy Warp Pro lacrosse head with the Warrior Burn Diamond FatBoy lacrosse shaft and you will have one of the best set up's for box lacrosse out there.  

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Warrior Evo FB Warp Pro 


Warrior Evo FatBoy Warp Lacrosse Head

Designed for box lacrosse

Whip: Mid 2

SYMRail - Symmetrical sidewall design - the inside of the sidewall mimics the outslide, reducing weight without sacrificing stiffness.  The result is a perfectly balanced lacrosse head.

Loc-Throat - As the screw inserts into the shaft, the legs of the Loc-Throat spread, providing both internal and external pressure for a more secure fit.

TrueOffSet - Lowers the sidewall below the centerline of the shaft - this lowers the center of gravity in your lacrosse head, giving the ability to create a deeper pocket for added ball control and shot power.