Warrior Evo HitLyte SP Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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The new Evo Hitlyte shoulder pad is stripped down, 2 piece, adjustable pad that our Pros loved right from the get go. You can strip this thing down into a liner in seconds flat, and the soft edge padding can be worn all day long.


Taking a beating from the long poles, add the arm pieces.  Running some middie, strip em off... its that simple.  We think that this is one of those shoulder pads that was designed to work for the middle price tier kids, but will end up being a go to for the advanced and elite players that want maximum mobility, flexibiliyt and protection.  Warior also put their ne BONE system in here... which basically means that the breastplate and rib pads are like plated of steel.. but not to large to encumber movement.


The exterior padding feels like a soft, fake leather that wont gather dirt and grime.  We love these pads a $100 bucks.  Lighweight, durable, versatile.


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- New HITLYE SHOULDER SYSTEM- 2- Piece Cap design with compression sleeve for a flexible form fit
- Bone Impact system
- 2- Timer Strap system to customize fit