Warrior Evo Pro Defensive Shaft Lacrosse Shafts

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The new Warrior Evo Pro defensive shaft is a real beast for aggressive high school and collegiate players looking for superior strength and decent weight. Make no mistake... this shaft comes down HARD on offensive guys who are trying to make their way to the cage. If you are a bigger and more aggressive pole that wants to dish out some wake-up calls ... this is a sweet shaft. We love the new butt end design as well. It simply fits in your lower palm better. It also allows you quicker rotation and more control right when you pick up those ground balls and start to motor. Clearing passes and scoops also feel easier when your bottom hand is dialed right down to the shaft. These shafts are born out of the strength of the legendary Krypto Pro metals which dominated the shaft market for so many years. Warrior was smart to bring them back as elite level guys loved these shafts.

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The Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft is made out of KRYPTO PRO material provides our best in strength-to-weight ratio. New A-Sym end cap design improves stick feel and leverage. Lastly comes with new control die shape for superior stick feel and control.

Recommended Position: Defense
Weight (oz): 14.4
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate

- New Control Shape

- Kryto Pro material

- New A-Sym end cap system