Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Atk Handle Lacrosse Shafts

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The new Warrior Evo Pro Diamond attack shaft was born out of the dominating Krypto Pro series that high school and collegiate players made the #1 best selling shafts in Warrior's history.  The diamond technology is a slightly sandy grip that eliminates the need for tape weight and give offensive guys a nice grip on most any weather condition.  Warrior also came ip with the New A-sym butt end which literally feels like it just fits better in your lower palm.


This shaft offers control and was designed with the new breed of shooters in mind.  Guys like Tom Schreiber and Paul Rabil have proven that those big windups aren't necessary.  They use the more compact push / pull technique which offers a quicker and more accurate release.  This is exactly what the A-sym design gives you !!


If you are looking for an elite level attack shaft with that slightly gritty diamond feeling, the the Evo Pro Diamond has you covered.  At $150 we think these are priced in the elite class of high school and collegiate offerings, but pick one up and feel the light weight and strength combined with the new A-sym and you will quickly know why.



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The Warrior Evo Pro Diamond Lacrosse Shaft
- New Control Shape
- New and Improved Diamond Grip
- New A-Sym end cap system