Warrior Evo QX Strung


Warrior Evo QX Strung

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Warrior Evo QX Strung - Comes In Offense & Defense - Strung By Warrior

Product Details

The Warrior Evo QX has been redesigned for both offense and defense.  You can choose the head option you want from the drop down menu based on your position.

Warrior Evo QX-O - Approximately 20 grams lighter than its predecessor, the QX-O is built for the elusive ball carrier who relies on ball control and quick release.  Also there is a different scoop for better ground balls!  You will see Grant Ament, Tom Schreiber and Rob Pannell using this head on the field.

  • Improved scoop curvature for outstanding ground ball control...aka The Human Vacuum
  • Sym-Rail eliminates excess weight and provides improved stiffness

Warrior Evo QX-D - Built for the close stick defenseman who likes to have a little more meat on their bones, but sill have the ability to strike quick.  This head provides increased durability for the defensive minded player.   You will see Tucker Durkin on the field using this defensive lacorsse head.

Both the offensive and defensive heads have these features: 

  • New Therma-Loc resin boosts performance in high heat which maintains head shape and stiffness.
  • Bottom rail designed for Mid to Low pocket placement for superior ball control and quick release
  • Optional LOC-THROAT feature; insert LOC-THROAT for better head to handle attachment, leave out for light weight performance.
  • Meets all NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men’s field specifications.