Warrior Evo Warp Junior Complete Stick Lacrosse Ministicks

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The new Warrior Evo Warp Junior is our new favorite lacrosse mini stick here at lax.com! Built for players aged 10 and under, it is the perfect stick for the young players to really develop and their hone their skills! The beauty of the Warp technology is that the stick throws the same way, every time! This is exactly what young players need as they learn the basics of the game! At the same time this is our Pros favorite mini stick to play with at the moment. It is perfect to be taken to the beach and played with with in water, the pocket is always the same no matter what! The Warp Technology holds up better in conditions that most mesh struggles in! If you are looking for a stick to buy for you summer vacation so you do not ruin your game twig, go with the Warrior Evo Warp Junior!

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Warrior Evo Warp Junior Complete Stick