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The new Warrior Evo Warp Next lacrosse stick is designed to teach new players how to catch and throw better with amazing consistency.  The Warp Next stick has an innovative Kevlar pocket that stays the same regardless of weather or use.  The Warp Next also has a lightweight handle and wide angle scoop that is perfect for the little guys as they begin their journey in lacrosse.  This stick can be used up through high school but is really designed for those first and second year players that are starting to develop their skills.


The Evo Warp teaches kids to throw with the same mechanics every time.  Proper technique is never sacrificed by a pocket that throws too high or into the ground.  Catching and cradling are the same.  The Kevlar pocket is soft and suppl and feels like a traditional stick... but holds the same shape over time.  This allows coaches to teach proper ball handling with out the excuse that "my stick did it.." taking over.  For $99 bucks, this is one of the best investments on the market today.  The pockets are basically the same as the ones used in the $250 collegiate sticks.  Pick one up and see the IMMEDIATE difference it will make in you players development.  If you want results with the younger guys, the Warp Next is the answer.


See the EVO WARP NEXT lacrosse stick REVIEW.  Rated by our Pro's as one of the BEST LACROSSE HEADS FOR ATTACK.


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Warrior Evo Warp Next


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Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Lacrosse Stick

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES