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The new WARP PRO head is building on the consistent pocket technology of the original EVO WARP with two new pockets designed to be deeper and more responsive for position specific players.  The Setup here is the WARP ML1 head  - mid to low pocket with a launch ramp pocket and fairly low whip.  The second setup is the WARP ML3 head which is also a mid low pocket that also produces a bit of whip on release.


Basically the Warp ML1 head is designed for one-handed dodging attackman who like to operate in close and get their shots off as quickly as possible on the crease.  The new wider diamond pattern in the Kevlar mesh mesh creates an even deeper channel for the pocket and the ball is literally sucked down into the throat of the stick.  Choke up, swim dodge, dirty little crease rolls with power or spped... the Warp ML1 is a nasty and consistent pocket that does not care what the weather is like and does not need maintenance what so ever.


The Warp ML3 head is still designed for those guys who like to operate behind the cage, but also end up taking more shots from elevate goal line extended or out on the wings.  Question mark dodges, rolling your defender up to get a better angle, working hard in the crease... the ML3 was designed with all of this type of play in mind.  This head will shoot faster than the ML1 for those guys who like to plant their feet a bit or can get their hands free for a second while shooting.


Both the Warp ML1 and the Warp ML3 are designed for high school and collegiate level attack player and will fit on most shafts.  This head does not include a shaft. If you haven't tried the consistency of these single design heads and pockets yet... you will be amazed at the control and speed of play here.  





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-Patented LOC-THROAT eliminates shaft rattle and adds stability.

-SYM-RAIL design eliminates excess weight and provides maximum stiffness.

-TruOffset lowers the sidewall for maximum ball control and feel

-New varying diamond patterns with multiple raised shooters provide traditional feel and smooth release

Warp Pro has a mid-low pocket is built for ball control and quick release. Ideal for 
an attackman or a midfielder playmaker that needs to get their passes and shots off quickly.


**This head does not include a shaft!**

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES