Warrior Regulator Chest Pad

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Regular Price: $109.99

Special Price: $90.00


Ok - this will be the new gold standard in Major League Lacrosse this year. The floating lower stomach pad is genius. It form fits and then collapses when you crouch so that the top of the pad (which is no longer one unit) does not ride up and choke you out.

The second piece of news is that the fit on the back mesh is the best we have seen. The pictures do not do it justice, but when you slip this pad on.. it is like a comfortable shirt. Multiple flex points and an added low profile floating sternum plate complete the package. This is one of the best of the season from Warrior.


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Warrior Regulator Chest Pad


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The Warrior Regulator Chest Pad with built-in chest shield features New IMPAX molded foam layering system provides best-in-class impact absorption.Crafted for top level goalies that are looking for flexibility and freedom of motion - especially on low saves.Dual-strap system for consistent, uniform fit.