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The new Warrior Regulator Max Warp Pro is a defensive designed, high pocket beast of a head that delivers crushing slaps and pokes and has the most consistent high pocket in lacrosse. The new Warp platform kevlar mix stringing system is much much softer than the previous Warp platform. The Reg Max Warp Pro comes in a mid-high configuration with whip factor of 2. 


Level 2 whip is for the average player that likes a high pocket that can still take shots and throw outlets on a rope.  It has the most hold of any defensive pocket that you can legally bring on the field and was tested by Warrior Pros to be the most consistant.   


The consistency in any weather and any condition is really the story.  Never again worry about passing on target or maintaining that pocket.  Get professional level performance on every play, every ground ball every single time.


If you were not completey sold on WARP technology before... be prepared to be amazed with the performance of the Regulator Max Warp Pro.


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Warrior Regulator Max Warp Pro Lacrosse Head

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES