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The Warrior Warp H is the hard mesh version of this new and innovative technology.  The story here is a Kevlar and Polypropylene pocket that is literally formed into the head.  There are no sidewall strings or throw strings…  this is one complete unit. The biggest selling pint here is CONSISTANCY. 


Every Warp H comes with a High, Low or Mid pocket.  Whichever you choose, that pocket will be the same every time you use it.  Regular and specialty mesh is made of organic fibers… it bags out eventually or changes properties in different weather.  Your sidewall strings or throw strings can loosen or tighten as well.   These pockets are molded into the head and are made from materials that do not stretch or change properties… hence they perform the same every single time.


 The Warp H is really designed for those step down shooters and feeders that demand game ready consistency in all conditions.   If you fire hard on the run, this thing is a real animal.  It’s amazing to know that you can take one of these out of the box and it will throw and shoot EXACTLY like all the others.  We dunked this thing in a bucket of water and were stinging corners just like it came out of the box....   Worth every penny for serious players.


If you want to learn more...  check out the Warp H Blog Post.


You can also check out the Lax.com Facebook Video Demo.

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Warrior Evo Warp H Warrior Evo Warp H is a head of it's time. This is years of engineering and development. The Warp has 2,536 KNITTED ROWS. 1,604 STROKES. 513 TRANSFERS. ALL IN 1 PIECE. It truly is the future of the game. The days of  having to worry about your stick throwing or shooting accurately is over. The Warp is the most consistant in the sport of Lacrosse. Consistency, durabilty, accuracy, and control all mixed into one head. It has Kevlar attached to it.. making sure the pocket never rips. Kevlar bonds the water-resistant polypropylene to the head. Making your pocket almost indestructible. An unchanging, weather-resistant pocket means 100% confidence in how your stick will throw. Every single stitch is engineered to spec and has been adjusted through years of development and testing with thousands of prototypes before being perfected to deliver optimal performance. The Warp is one of a kind, amazing for beginners that don't ever have to worry about a restring. 

Great for Attackmen that love to assist 

- A shorter channel for a quicker release
- Kevlar and Polypropylene for a semi-hard feel
- 100% Made in the U.S.A
- 60 Day Warranty


  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES