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We only buy the best stuff...this is the best lacrosse tape in the game. Wide and strong.. rips well and good solid hold. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the big box junk and stuff they sell at the local lacrosse store... we only buy from the best hockey tape distributor in the good old U.S. of A. If you want to save 50 cents and be running around with junk... we are not your guys.
East Coast Dyes
The best lacrosse shooting strings and lacrosse sidewall strings on the market . Since 2015, the Hero Mesh and Hero stringing supplies have simply dominated the high school and collegiate market. High quality, tight weaves and super tips that keep your pocket consistent. Get some .
East Coast Dyes
Sweet ECD butt end caps add color, flair and functionality to your stick. These are very high quality and have a great ridge that is perfect for additional taping or stand alone on the end of your whip.
<p>Premier Custom Stringing - Talk To A Pro!&nbsp; &nbsp;THIS ITEM NEEDS TO BE PURCHASED WITH AN UNSTRUNG LACROSSE HEAD</p> <p><iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="100%"></iframe></p> <p><img alt="rush" height="220px" src="" /></p>
StringKing Players Lacrosse Strings Kit. This Kit has all the strings you need to string up something deluxe.
Cradle Baby Ball<div class="item image-zoom"><a href=""> <img alt="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" src="" title="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" width="100%" /></a></div>
This 32oz STX water bottle is great for practice and games.
... Prime Tape
Getting the perfect grip is an important part of every lacrosse player’s game. However, if you’re into the ½” knob at the top or a candy cane design that would make Santa Claus proud, you’ve probably run into the problem of having to split a perfectly good roll of tape in half to make it happen.
12 NOCSAE lacrosse balls certified for game play. We only source the highest quality balls here at If you but cheapies from the local lacrosse store or big box store.. leave them out in the yard a few times and they will turn into hard pool balls in no time. The kids call the "greasers" and they are terrible for practice or wall ball because they behave way differently than a ball that you use in practice or in a game. So do yourself a favor and buy only quality balls that are sourced right. For an extra 10-20 cents why not buy a product that will last and behave just like those game balls that you play with. These lacrosse balls come in yellow, white and orange. White lacrosse balls are primarily for men's youth and high school practice and game balls Orange lacrosse balls are primarily for men's youth and high school and gym practice, or those darker days when it is hard to see the ball. Yellow lacrosse balls are primarialy for the ladies.
Rocket Mesh
<p>Please note that this is a single butt end.<p>
The Mesh Dynasty 6 Diamond Hexagon Mesh is the perfect semi-soft monster mesh on the market. The Hexagon 6 Diamond is versatile and perfect for every position on the field, featuring great hold while the coating on the mesh is perfect for creating a consistent pocket.