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This is the newest top of the line shaft offering for 2015 geared towards defensive minded player.. both long and short pole. Lightweight.. yet designed to be strong and stout. This pole is what the big boys will be using on TV on Saturdays this spring for sure. We are already seeing these in the hands of the top HS and collegiate players in the country. What else would you expect from Nike? First the dominated the value spectrum and now they are coming after the high end in a big way. LEARN MORE VIDEO - THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COMPOSITE AND METAL LACROSSE SHAFTS
The True Frequency Speed lacrosse head is a stiff and precise attack minded head. ;So what sets this head apart from the competition?;Let's take a closer look at the main design features that give this Frequency the right to be on Lax.com. So first of all the bottom rail on True's heads are all different. The idea was to set each pocket up for success based on the positioning of the pocket and the intended use by the player. This attack/speed model is designed so that the pocket will sit lower and the release point makes it easy to get off quick passes and scoop ground balls. The pocket setup here begs for low-mid sets up for the one handed cradlers that still like to be able to send rifle shots downrange from the corners or crease. True also incorporated a triangular strut design to keep the Frequency speed stiff while taking abuse from D poles and in the crease area. These heads have excellent geometry, nice detailing and a simplistic angular design. They also beefed up the throat design while lightening the scoop in the head. The result is good balance and high performance, ;with position specific setups.;LAX.COM PRO STRUNG OPTIONSCUSTOMIZE: CHOOSE COLORS, POCKET andamp; SETUP;
Under Armour
Under Armour Grip Box Defense shaft. Made out of Scandium and Titanium this shaft is built to endure the physical demands needed to play defense in box lacrosse. The grip finish on this shaft is awesome as well, helping to reduce the tape weight on your stick.
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