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NOCSAE lacrosse balls on sale here at Lax.com. We have the best pricing on brand name lacrosse balls. If you but cheapies from the local lacrosse store or big box store.. leave them out in the yard a few times and they will turn into hard pool balls in no time. The kids call the "greasers" and they are terrible for practice or wall ball because they behave way differently than a ball that you use in practice or in a game.So do yourself a favor and buy only quality balls that are sourced right. For an extra 10-20 cents why not buy a product that will last and behave just like those game balls that you play with. These lacrosse balls come in yellow, white and orange.White lacrosse balls are primarily for men's youth and high school practice and game balls Orange lacrosse balls are primarily for men's youth and high school and gym practice, or those darker days when it is hard to see the ball. Yellow lacrosse balls are primarialy for the ladies.
NIce low profile lacrosse butt ends made from Warrior quality materials. We like the streamlined snug fit of these on most any shaft.
Over sized Rabil buttend really lets you pull down with power. No need for tape here.. this is the biggest buttend on the market and the same one used in his Rabil 99 shaft . A top seller for collegiate players.
Shock Doctor Kinesiology Tape is the good stuff used by professional athletes to support tired or strained muscles. You will see this stuff all over pro athletes when the hit the locker rooms. Used by college and high school trainers everywhere. Shock Doctor is the good quality tape.. not the cheap stuff that tears.
Sick new colors keep you balling under the brightest of suns and glare of lights. Don't be that dope who lost that winning feed in the sun or dropped your clearing pass in the super dome .
Brine Headband 6pack with Grippers<div class="item image-zoom"><a href="https://www.lax.com/complete-lacrosse-guide-sizing.html#filter=.women"> <img alt="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" src="https://www.lax.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-lax-products/default/dw80bbcd58/cc%20images/Untitled-4_0000_Complete-Lacrosse-Guide-And-Sizing-Charts.png" title="Need Help? Complete Lacrosse Guide And Sizing Chart" width="100%" /></a></div>