STX Duel EnduraForm Lacrosse Heads

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The new STX DUEL ENDURAFORM face-off head has better all weather performance than the original Duel as the flex points in the middle of the head stay more consistent regardless of the temperature. The new Duel Enduraform is designed to stay stiffer in hot weather and softer when its bitter cold out... essentially the plastic in the head is less sensitive to temperature changes than the original. STX only made 500 of these heads and the red STX stamp at the top lets you tell the difference between this and the original. Pick one up quick if you play in any type of extreme temps and get the same dominating X technology as the best selling original.


The STX Duel provides a revolutionary advantage and earns the title as the best lacrosse face off lacrosse head by simply allowing you to place your hand closer to the ball. The STX Duel lacrosse head rules simply state that your hand can not touch the plastic. STX moved the plastic and added a screw hole for stability.  Just look at the number of guys on TV facing off with this combo and the STX Duel lacrosse shaft.  The giveaway is the bright green color up towards the head.  Almost all the best collegiate guys in the nation are sporting this combo!  The combination of the MOTO grip style on the shaft and the fact that your hand is so close to the plastic on the head gives you all that extra torque and power where you need it the most.  Amazing flex point on the STX Duel head.  Check one out and see the advantage!  WATCH: In this video one of our Pro's string up an STX Duel.  Learn his tips and tricks for the best stringing for a face off lacrosse head.


This head will ONLY fit on shafts that are hollow due to the throat plug

We do NOT recommend using this head with any carbon shafts due to the throat plug







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The STX Duel EnuraFoam is reinforced plastic that will provide for a stronger clamper. A ground ball machine with the STX Scalloped Scoop, meaning that the top of the head will flatten when picking up a ground ball making it extremely easy after winning a faceoff. 


- EnduraForm™ - a new, proprietary formulation for improved toughness in a wider array of temperatures

- STX's innovative throat plug (patent pending) allows the player to get closer to the ball

- Specific flex zones engineered in the mid-section of the head for optimal face-off movements

-  Dual sidewall braces provide extra stability on ground balls and at key moments of the face-off

-  Featuring STX's Scalloped Scoop, designed to flatten out on ground balls for easy pick up

-  Strategically placed stringing holes maintain durability while providing stringing options

-  Meets NCAA and NFHS rules.


Recommended Position: Faceoff
Weight (oz): 5.4
Pinch at 3" margin: 3
Recommended Skill Level: High School/ Collegiate
Scoop Shape: Flat

  • HS and NCAA Legal legal: YES