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Based on the success of the original Memory mesh… STX is now introducing Memory Mesh SUPERSOFT.  Like the best selling ECD HERO 2.0 Semi-soft mesh, the new STX SUPERSOFT feels even more broken in out of the box.  SUPERSOFT will also add even more hold and why is STX Memory Mesh taking the college game by storm? Learn more about Memory Mesh from our Pro's and this video.  But, if you are an outside shooter or ball handler in traffic.. you simply have to try this mesh to see what all the college guys are talking about.  Memory Mesh allows you to string a better pocket and keep it longer.


So what is the tech behind the Memory Mesh revolution...    Savvy players are finally figuring it out.  STX Memory Mesh is designed to bag out under pressure (a.k.a cradling and shooting) and then suck back to normal position when there is no load on the mesh.  So what’s the big deal… well drop a ball in and it’s legal… but start to cradle or shoot and you will quickly see why the pros like to play with pockets that are … let’s say… not exactly allowed on a collegiate or high school field.  This stuff is adding a new level of control and shot speed to the game one player at a time.  See Memory Mesh in action in this LIVE stringing video.



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§  SuperSoft mesh feel for faster break in time

§  Moisture repellent

§  UV resistant

§  Absurdly strong

§  Memory Mesh features a proprietary Coaxial Composite Weave™

§  The unique core is up to 15 times the tensile strength of steel.