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1 Results
The STX Duel 2 lacrosse head is redesigned to be even better. Our Pro's feel that the STX Duel II earns the title as one of the best lacrosse face-off lacrosse heads by simply allowing you to place your hand closer to the ball. STX shortened the throat which gives your had the ability to get even closer to the ball. The shorter throat lock provides internal shaft support, so you can get a lock down feel. The Speed-Scoop provides for faster ground ball play. And our Pro's love the way when you pinch the ball in the face-off how the ball just locks right into a sweet spot.;STX added four screw holes to the STX Duel II lacrosse head for increased stability. Amazing flex point on the STX Duel II head. Check one out and see the advantage.Please be aware that this head has a throat plug and will only work on hollow shafts.;
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