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Free Shipping Over $50!*

What to Look for in a Beginner Stick

July 15, 2016

The Best lacrosse sticks for beginners in 2018 features two custom strung pockets done by our PROs here at as well as a new technology known as Warp. Warp is a Kevlar based pocket that is soft and ultra durable and provided the most consistent pocket the world of lacrosse has ever seen.

The Best Beginner Sticks 2018 Complete Stick featuring STX and Nike components and custom pocket $84 Complete Stick stx k18
Nike Vapor and Maverik Mission Combo with custom pocket $139
Nike Vapor Best complete stick
Warrior Warp Next $99
warp next
Stringking Complete 2 Jr. $60
Stringking Complete 2 Int. $100
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Our pro Brandon Butler just broke down the three key points of buying a lacrosse stick best for beginners.


1) Wide face on the head
2) Deep Soft Pocket to catch and throw well
3) Lightweight shaft

So most starter lacrosse sticks that are sold in the big box stores, the local lacrosse store or as part of a set fail 2 out of three of the above. Many of these sticks will come with a wide face on the head, but the pockets will be referred to as “factory strung.” That means exactly what it sounds like people… China. These pockets are made with non-premium mesh and are sometimes referred to as “tennis racquets” for the simple fact that the pockets are hard, not deep and rather flat. Learning to catch and throw properly with these types of pockets puts new players at a big disadvantage to a deeper, higher quality mesh strung by an actual PRO here at
The starter set sticks will also fail in the shaft category. Most companies use a cheap aluminum shaft instead of a mixed metal alloy that is much lighter and stronger. With the better technology comes a higher price point.
The bottom line is that if you but a starter stick with a set for your players first experience, that fine, but just be ready to help them along quickly with a head, shaft and pocket that will develop their game and ability to have fun out there. Most big box starter sticks are prices at around $40-$50. The options run from $85-$140 but the quality and craftsmanship here is far and above what you get from a cheap starter stick.
The other option is the new technology from Warrior called the Warp that is taking over the youth training fields very quickly. For $100 you can get a consistent pocket that never needs maintenance and acts the same way every single time. Wet, dry, hot, cold.. it doesn’t make a difference. The only small knock on the Warp is that it is a tiny bit more unforgiving than custom mesh pockets when cradling. It will shoot and pass a bit better however.
Basically you can’t go wrong with either choice. If you want something where your kid can’t unlace it and play with it and it gets left in the rain in the yard for the weekend and still works great… get the Warp. If your guy is gonna take care of his stuff and keep his stick inside when not using it, get the complete or the Nike Vapor / Mission Combo.
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