Best Lacrosse Arm Pads 2018

Apr 12, 2018
The best arm pads for lacrosse of 2018 are broken down by position and then age groups, as the collegiate and high school players have many different needs than youth and beginner players. To see the difference between lacrosse arm protection, watch this short video that describes which positions typically wear which type of padding.  

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The best lacrosse arm protection for attackman are full-length arm guards.


STX Cell 4 Arm Guard

stx cell 4 arm guards lacrosse   The STX Cell 4 lacrosse padding series is a best seller across all age groups. From collegiate right down to youth levels, this pad outsells them all. It’s the comfortable fit, plastic floating elbow cap, and nonbinding slip-less inner sleeve. At $99 many guys will wear these for years because of the high quality and durability that STX is known for. All-day comfort.  

Maverik Max Arm Guard

maverik max arm guards lacrosse   Low definition padding means less bulk. These feel a bit stiffer going on, but you will soon forget you are wearing them. Three piece construction and longer sleeve keep them from slipping. $89 gets you wrap around protection and one of the most comfortable pads on the market.  

STX Stallion 500 Arm Guard

stx stallion 500 arm guards lacrosse   We LOVE this pad for elite level players that want to split the difference between and full arm guard and a smaller arm pad. $125 gets you the most versatile collegiate pad in the game. This pad is longer up against the triceps and shorter down the forearm - you can still shoot on the run and take a beating inside with these Stallion 500’s.  

STX Surgeon 500 Arm Guard

stx surgeon 500 arm guard lacrosse   In case you cant already tell… STX is dominating the arm guard market. These are the most protective of the group. Armadillo style pads fold over each other and leave no games. These are what the big kids wear when they are getting hacked by even bigger kids. Additional inside forearm padding. bulletproof. $80    

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The best lacrosse arm pads for middies are mid-length arm pads.


STX Stallion 500 arm pad

stx stallion 500 arm pads lacrosse   These STX midfield lacrosse pads are the best on the market. Low profile, soft, yet tough enough for collegiate play. Love the lower forearm strap to keep the pad in place. Shoot on the run mobility, also a favorite of LSM players, wings and defenders who run the field and need more than an elbow cap. $100 gets you the best of the best.  

Under Armour VFT arm pad

under armour vft arm pads lacrosse   These are the same ones worn by big-time college programs. Super soft and flexible feel beefed up with a floating plastic elbow cap. You get the best of both worlds for $89 bucks. Won’t bind or slip. Two oversized Velcro straps lock them in place. Padding has a thick but flexible rubberized feel on the outside to suck up those big blows.  

Maverik Max arm pad

Maverik Max arm pads lacrosse   Low profile, high definition padding feels a little stiff on the outside but is actually broken up by seams that make it really comfortable. The largest elbow padding of the midfield group. Awesome for getting the arms back and letting it rip. Worn by shooters. Only $74. A best-seller for 2 years running.  

Epoch Integra arm pad

epoch integra arm pads lacrosse   A newcomer with carbon fiber padding that is stiff on impact but soft and pliable. Single cell padding wraps around three sections of your arm and elbow cap flexes well when you do. A top quality pad from high-end shaft maker - Epoch. $84    

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The best lacrosse arm pads for a defensive lacrosse player are short length elbow pads.


Maverik Max elbow pad

maverik max elbow pads lacrosse   Guys love these because of the little piece or extra triceps padding up top. Nice thick elbow shell. A simple pad that gets it done big time for the college and high school crowds. $45 and a best seller 2 years running. Hard feeling on the outside, low definition, and profile.  

STX Cell 4 elbow pad

stx cell 4 elbow pads lacrosse   Also a best seller. A softer more flexible pad. Also worn by the biggest names in the game. Lots of defensive middies also wear this pad. $60 bucks. Little non-slip rubber patch/beads on the inner sleeve keep it in place. The most simple and effective defensive pad for guys who like a little bit of a softer, rubberized feel.  

Warrior Burn Pro elbow pad

warrior evo pro elbow pads lacrosse   A little bit more padding like an arm guard but stripped down. Three pieces here give you a bit more protection than the two above. Defensive middies and players that run the field use these. One of the best LSM pads on the market. $90    

The best defensive elbow caps for those who want the smallest pads possible.

Under Armour Revenant Elbow Caps

under armour revenant lacrosse   Simple, but gets the job done. $40  

STX Stallion 500 Elbow Cap

stx stallion 500 elbow pads lacrosse   The big D poles, wear minimum pads, for maximum mobility. This is a go to. $50    

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All youth players should wear full-length ARM GUARDS with plastic elbow caps until 7-8th grade NO MATTER WHAT THE POSITION! These younger players do not have full control of their stick checks. They hack and miss and it hurts! Do your kid a favor and get them one of these.  

STX Cell 4 Arm Guards

stx cell 4 arm guards lacrosse   If you don’t care about the extra few bucks just get these $99  

Under Armour Command Pro Arm Pads

Under armour command pro arm guards lacrosse   $59 and full, flexible coverage  

Maverik RX Arm Pads

maverik rx arm guards lacrosse   An oversized sleeve for added comfort, best in class mobility $59   If you are interested in learning more and watching videos about cool product offerings be sure to visit our complete lacrosse guide & sizing chart. If you want to talk to a Pro feel free to give us a call at 855.255.5294.   To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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