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Free Shipping Over $75!*

Best Lacrosse Heads For Middies 2018

October 16, 2017

best middie lacrosse heads
The best lacrosse heads of 2018 are based on’s two decades of knowledge and understanding of what the best new technologies can do for a player’s age, ability and position.  Our core customer base is the very best of collegiate, high school and youth lacrosse.  At we are trusted family business of players, coaches and All-Americans that truly understand the best lacrosse sticks and stringing in the game.










































All of the above sticks are available unstrung or can be strung by the best in the nation here at  Ask anyone, the elite level high school and college guys have all trusted for years to deliver the best pockets in the game.  We STRONGLY recommend ECD Hero 2.0 or ECD Vortex mesh for the high school, college and advanced youth crowd.  For the youth player, our 9$ PRO STRUNG option is an amazing value with high quality hard mesh that requires little or no maintenance for a season of play.
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