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The Best Custom Strung Lacrosse Heads For Men & Women

May 30, 2018

If you want to up your game with the best custom lacrosse head stringing available for both men and women, you have come to the right place! In case you didn’t know, mesh is now allowed in women’s lacrosse as well. At we only send out the best of the best for custom head stringing. Our top stringers are current or former college lacrosse players who have been stringing heads for 10+ years. Every head that we send out has to be approved by one of our Pros, if it is not up to their standard of quality then the custom strung lacrosse head will not be shipped out until it is up to our playing standard. If we wouldn’t play with it, you shouldn’t either! You can take your chances with your local stringer, but you should know that we are trusted by elite players ranging from top-flight high school programs, up to the college ranks, and as well as some MLL guys and the WPLL gals.


Womens lacrosse mesh custom stringing crux men's lacrosse head custom strung kinetik


One of the coolest services that we offer for custom stringing is premiere custom stringing. What makes this service so unique is that it allows you to get the full customization that you need to make sure that the stick is perfect for you. Our premiere custom stringing is the total package of customization. We can call your player and discuss everything that they’re looking for, we can give them the correct amount of hold and whip that they can excel with, as well as the perfect pocket placement and shooting string setup. For newer players, who may not know exactly what it is that they are looking for, we can talk about position, skill level, and age into account and we can make sure the head is strung to have your player succeed.


Best mens lacrosse custom stringing


Another unmatched stringing service we offer is our fogo custom pocket. Our stringers take the extra time to string these heads with a specific pattern that makes it easier to pinch and pop for guys who take face-offs. This is just one of our many different types of custom pockets. You can learn more about all the custom pockets that we offer and here are a fewsecret lacrosse stringing tips from our Pro’s. When it comes to goalies, we understand how important it is for precision outlet passes. We strongly recommend East Coast Dyes mesh for its durability and very short break in properties. Learn more about what our Pro’s have to say about the top four things you need to know for breaking in your goalie lacrosse head like a Pro.


Womens lacrosse custom stringing taylor cummingbest womens lacrosse custom stringing


Mesh has been approved for women’s lacrosse. was first on the scene and now we are stringing up sticks for top collegiate programs. East Coast Dyes and STX were first with their versions of lacrosse mesh for women’s sticks. offers many choices for women’s mesh including rail, hybrid, venom and crux. Since it is so new to the sport, if you have questions you can give one of our Pro’s a call at 855-255-5294.


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