ECD Rebel Lacrosse Head

Jan 25, 2018
The ECD Rebel Offense and the ECD Rebel Defense lacrosse heads are launching with the intent of providing youth and high school players with best-in-class collegiate performance for both ends of the field. ECD lacrosse is announcing the launch of their newly branded lacrosse heads along with elite pocket options that come HAND CRAFTED with their best selling Hero 2.0 Semi Soft mesh. The real story here is, this lacrosse head offers the fit and finish of a collegiate level product combined with a true mid-pocket head that outperforms many others.  
  Both the ECD Rebel Offense and the ECD Rebel Defense have one thing in common right off the bat. There is a slight elongation right at the tip of the scoop. This has the effect of creating more of a middle channel from the throat of the head up to the scoop. This means that when strung with a mid pocket, that the channel will give players faster and more accurate, passes, shots and feeds. For the defensive guys who like to run the field and dish it off on fast breaks and are not afraid to let it fly once in a while the ECD Rebel Defense is a cannon.  


When looking at the sidewall setup on the Rebel offense, expert stringers will immediately notice the string hole setup is exactly positioned to put the middle of the pocket at the lowest part of the sidewall curve. This, combined with the elongated scoop is going to form a longer, deeper mid pocket that high school middies simply love for shooting on the run as well as better ball control in traffic. For the youth crowd, this type of pocket will simply make them shoot better as well as not lose the ball as much when getting banged around in the pile or when dodging.


The ECD Rebel Defense is probably one of the best new offerings for defensive players that puts a little offense in their defense. Because of this techy elongated channel, the long pole guys don’t experience the ball rattle of wider defensive heads. The Rebel Defense is an amazing LSM head for the older guys and an awesome step up for youth defenders who are still rushing the field on clears. She is Stiff and beefed up enough to dish it out at the highest levels of play.
  The ECD Rebel Offense and ECD Rebel Defense are the big news coming out of ECD for 2018. The plastic and technology in this head are some of the best in the game and we recommend stringing with either Hero 2.0 Semi Soft, ECD Vortex or the newer, less expensive Jimalax Prime Mesh.   To Learn More About Lacrosse and Receive Exclusive Deals, Enter Our Mailing List:
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